Ethereal Ambient Experimental Music

Date: October 18th.
Time: Doors open at 7 p.m.
Place: Re-formed / Art Space (Omaha, NE).

Experience the work of Ana Paula Santana, Zosha Warpeha, Lillian Kay, and Lee Riggs at Omaha’s Re-formed / Art Space. These avant-garde sound artists will immerse you in their experimental music, promising a thought-provoking experience.

This event brings together creativity and technology in a unique setting and has been curated by Omaha-based sound artist and producer Alex Jacobsen.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the boundaries of sound and art.

About the artists:

Ana Paula Santana is a Mexican experimental artist based in Guadalajara who works in the fields of sound art, experimental music, interactive art, graphics, ceramics, video, and installation. She has been a beneficiary of the FONCA Young Creators grant (2016, 2018) and recently obtained the Creators of Peace recognition. Her work has been exhibited at the Zapopan Museum of Art, Oaxaca Museum of Contemporary Art, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Museo del Chopo, among others; internationally she has exhibited her work in Spain, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Germany.


Zosha Warpeha is a composer-performer based in Brooklyn, NY, originally from Minnesota. She explores the intersection of contemporary improvisation and folk traditions, using bowed stringed instruments and her voice. Her main instruments are the Hardanger d’amore and the five-string violin, with a focus on Nordic folk music’s cyclical forms and rhythmic flexibility. Notable performances include the Emanuel Vigeland Museum (Norway), Bern Jazz Festival (Switzerland), and Newport Jazz Festival (USA). In 2019, she received the US Fulbright Award for her study of the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle tradition. She holds degrees from the New School of Jazz & Contemporary Music and the Norwegian Academy of Music.


Lee Riggs, originally from South Florida, is a self-taught artist who creates works within sculpture, poetry, and sound. She is the creator and organizer behind Omaha’s Femme Flea, a lyrical and musical showcase of Omaha’s talented artists. Lee finds inspiration in nature, her fellow artist community, and in observing life through the eyes of her child.

Lillian Kay holds a Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance with a minor in Nonprofit Management from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. They have a passion for collaborative music-making, be it with vocalists, fellow instrumentalists, or artists, and value the sense of community that music brings. Lillian is an active member of several bands, contributing as a keyboardist and vocalist. Lillian is also an accomplished Sound Artist, specializing in creating immersive electro-acoustic performances that blend digital recordings with live improvisation, offering listeners a glimpse into her unique artistic universe.