Artist: cast off form

Title: alphabetics


1 – Vowels One
2 – Vowels Two
3 – Consonants One
4 – Consonants Two
5 – Alphabet Wall

Originally conceived of as Mouth, this series intends to explore what can be done musically without instruments – with only a mouth / voice.

On alphabetics, Cast Off Form uses phonemes to make crackling walls, whispering drones, and sprinkles these tracks with trace amounts of no-input mixing and other pedal driven effects.

Experimental music in its most minimalist state, this EP is prime meditation music.

Gear Used:

Boss GT-1 Multieffects, Boss RC-30 Loop Staation , Boss DD-8 Digital Delay, Boss NS-2 Noise Suppresor, Shure SV100 Dynamic Mic, Plug Ugly Contact Mic by Crank Sturgeon, Behringer Xenyx 808 USB mixer, M Audio speakers,

All art and recordings are the original work of Joe W.

Download here: https://eacrecords.bandcamp.com/album/alphabetics-ep-eac020

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