Jose Trujillo (Sener) is a sound artist, art researcher, and producer. Originally from Silao, México, he now resides in Gretna, Nebraska. He has dedicated over a decade to exploring post-digital art.

Since 2016, Sener has established a thriving Sound Art studio in Omaha, NE, located within the vibrant Petshop Gallery community. Surrounded by fellow artists, explorers, and performers, collaborating to push the boundaries of artistic expression.

Sener’s artistic journey began in 2013, as he delved into electroacoustic music, sound art, open-source technologies, and analog experimentation. With his custom-created electronic instruments and microcontrollers, he crafts mesmerizing performances that blend seamlessly with contemporary media.

Through collaborations with artists in Mexico and the United States, Sener curates engaging presentations, sound art sessions, festivals, and concerts, nurturing a diverse artistic landscape. He is the proud founder of SOUNDARTE.NET, a pioneering post-digital art network, and EACRECMX, an experimental music netlabel, through which he supports emerging talent and explores the boundaries of artistic expression.

Inspired by extended perception, immersive experiences, and the convergence of ancient traditions and modern technology, Sener’s work reflects his roots. He explores concepts such as transdigitalism, post-humanism, and the transformative power of sound on consciousness. His research covers experimental music, ambient soundscapes, sound art installations, digital programming, and more, blending various disciplines to create captivating sonic experiences.