Gretna EP // EAC019

Download here: https://eacrecords.bandcamp.com/album/gretna-ep-eac019

Sohl’s latest masterpiece, the Gretna EP, is a testament to his creative prowess. Showcasing his distinctive style, combining elements of noise, experimental electronics, and meticulous sound design. Each track takes us on a unique sonic journey, immersing us in a world of unconventional melodies and captivating rhythms.

Sohl has emerged as one of the most important weird techno producers in the noise/sound art music scene. His contributions to the field have garnered recognition and acclaim, solidifying his position as a visionary artist and a significant force in the realm of electronic music.

Sohl, Mexico-based producer, and co-founder of EACRECMX, a versatile artist, continues to captivate audiences with his avant-garde compositions, and experimental approach, pushing the boundaries of sound. Gretna EP establishes himself as a prominent figure in the noise/sound art music world scene.